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All pets must have a Meet n Treat visit prior to booking their first grooming appointment.
This is so their first impression of my salon is a fun, exciting place to go to where they can smell all the smells, taste all the treats, and get as many belly rubs and booty scritches as their hearts desire!
This is also our opportunity to review policies, sign service authorizations, ensure accurate contact information, and get on the same page about your pet's skin and coat health and possible hairstyles!



Come bring your pet for a visit and some treats! They'll be allowed to explore the salon, sniff all the smells, and get acquainted with the grooming process at their own pace. If we can accomplish any grooming, great! If not, we'll work together to build positive emotional associations with the sights, smells, and sounds of a grooming salon. The goal for this service is a happy pet!



Full service grooming includes bath with deep cleansing shampoo, followed by an appropriate custom shampoo for your pets' specific skin and coat needs, and finished with a nourishing conditioner. Hair is styles based on multiple considerations, such as lifestyle, maintenance ability, and current coat condition. Nails are either trimmed or filed based on the pets' preferences. Ears cleaned, with ear canal hair trimmed. Ear plucking and anal gland expression are available upon request at no additional charge. Grooming services are all-inclusive; omitting a portion of the service does not affect the price of the service, nor the quality of care your pet receives.



Cat grooming is a delicate operation that depends entirely on the individual cat. Once the cat says they are done, then grooming ceases immediately to avoid stress and injury. Cat grooming comes with haircut, bath (if tolerated), nails trimmed, and ears cleaned. Baths are not guaranteed. Completed haircuts are not guaranteed. As cat grooming is a specialized skill with multiple risks to both parties, the price is based on time booked, with a one hour minimum per booking.

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Deshedding services are available for both dogs and cats. Deshedding does not stop all shedding, but it does get the bulk of it out so that there is less shedding at home. Routine maintenance is crucial for keeping shedding to a minimum.



For puppies under six months of age, I require a minimum of two puppy intro grooms. These sessions are focused on having a good time and associating grooming with fun and treats. This is pivotal to setting your puppy up for success for a lifetime of grooming. Puppy intro grooms include a bath, nail trim, and basic sanitary trim. As they get accustomed to the sights and smells and sounds of the grooming process, we can work together towards developing their hairstyle and maintenance plan.

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